Dear Tweezer,

Dear Tweezer,
Its been more than a month since I’ve seen you. You used to nestle yourself at the bottom of my makeup bag between the glosses the powders and the hair pins. But lately, well, lately you’ve failed to come around. I’m sorry if I’ve taken you for granted this past year, trading time with you for time with my wax pot. But now I’m out of wax. And I’m desperate for you, dear Tweezer. I used to have 2 eyebrows, but now I have only ONE! One, big fat, furry eyebrow stretching across my forehead. I used to have distinction between where my eyelid began and ended, but now there is hair where there used to be browbone and lid.

Wax pots may be full or they may dry up, but you Dear Tweezer, you never fail me nor forsake me. Until now. I don’t have much to offer to you, but a safe home in my makeup bag once again and a full-time job. A full-time job helping me keep my secret under-cover. My secret. The secret of the Uni-Brow.

Please Dear Tweezer…hear my cries.

With Love and Affection,

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  • the tweezer has been a faithful friend and companion to me, and never wants to hurt me or leave me bruised and battered. tweezer also does not abandon for all but once every 6 weeks…tweezer is there day and night, at my beck and call. and if your tweezer is anything like mine, he’ll just be glad to be back in action.

  • hahaha!
    and gross…one eyebrow?

    Please get that fixed before I see you again


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