Shake Yo’ Booty

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

I’ve always hated that question. Its just too difficult to answer because it cannot be proved. My shoulders just shrug, my eyes just get wide and my lips just squash over to one side of my mouth, pushed out, as if that somehow means “I don’t know.”

Interestingly enough, another similar situation has come to my attention recently. You see, I live alone right now, and I notice the longer an evening with me, myself and I goes on, the better my dance moves get. Usually it starts with the decision to clean the house, which in turn, means Motivational Dance Music enters the scene. Which means, Enrique Iglesias. I know lots of people with rhythm and moves, however I have never been one them…that is, until I’m all alone. Suddenly I’m convinced I missed my calling in Professional Dancing. High kicks, fancy spins, booty shakes, the robot, you name it, I’ve GOT IT. As I pull the covers up , nestling into bed for the night, visions of becoming the champion of “So You Think You Can Dance” swirl in my head. I smile and turn out the light, but my visions soon turn to wonder as I think back to the falling tree…

If Jenni dances and no one is there to see it, does she possess the rhythm and groove of a totally sweet dancer? You may never know…

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  • But you gotta have faith… Of COURSE a tree makes noise even if there’s no one to hear it — noise/sound does not depend on our ears to BE noise/sound — those waves are floatin all over the place!
    I have to believe its the same for your sweet dance moves — can I please come learn from you?

  • I agree completely with Bridgit..
    We are not the bosses of nature..we don’t determine if there is or will be sound or not.. (in this case)

    now another important question.. If Jenni’s walls could talk….


  • I can only imagine that you high kicking AND spinning all in the same move MUST look amazing!

  • Baby steps to big steps

    I’ve seen you dance…and I would have to say YES it means she possess the rhythm and groove of a totally sweet dancer! šŸ™‚

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