Home is Where Your Wax Pot Is.

Shallow? Perhaps.

True? Definitely.

I’ve only lived in Denver 6 weeks.  Two of those weeks have been spent traveling to other states, so really, they don’t even count.  Yet when my plane landed after this last trip, I thought, “I’m home” with a smile.  It felt really good to already consider this place home…and it felt really good to see my wax pot again.  My uni-brow was absolutely horrendous.

Many of my good friends, my family, and my mortal enemies have been asking to see what my place looks like.  I apologize that it’s taken this long, however my camera was “stolen” in L.A. a few weeks back.  Only, when I called the Housekeeping department over the holidays to see if a camera had been left there, the little hispanic woman said in broken English, “Ooooh – camra with thee undies?”

Um, sure…?

She informed me that she’d put them in the mail.  I really just hoped they were my undies.  Turns out they were, and now that I have my camera {and undergarments} back, I can share all sorts of pictures with you!  Um, of my condo that is…not “thee undies!”

Click on photos to enlarge!  The loft photo is my office – the red dresser/bike/bed pics are the Master bedroom.  As in, MY bedroom, as I am, after all, the Master.  And the spa table/product shelves are the guest room…aka. Spa Room.

Other great features not pictured are the little deck outside, the full-size laundry, the massive amounts of closet/storage space, and my wax pot.

I love that thing.

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