Becoming a Stripper

Right now I am nestled on top of a down comforter that is on top of a down featherbed that is on top of a queen sized bed, buried back into 2 down pillows, 1 synthetic pillow and 2 down throw pillows. I am looking out my giant picture window of a new apartment building where just a walk down the hall and a few stairs I have access to a pool, hot tub, theatre room, gym, tanning, billiards, video games, coffee/tea and just a stone’s throw from an outdoor shopping district. There is an ampitheatre for live music outside my door with a giant fountain and gorgeous landscape. “Luxury Living” is what my apartment’s motto is. And it is. Very very luxurious.

Interestingly enough, I have always had this secret dream. A dream very different from luxury. My secret dream has always been to live in a trailer park. High aspirations, some may say with an eye roll. Some people are good at coming up with their own ideas…not me. I’m an Idea Stealer. So this secret dream was not really truly my own idea. As a senior in high school I remember watching a video on the late Rich Mullins. He was a talented and famous musician who made extravagant amounts of money. But he knew “human nature”. He knew that if he let himself hold the mindset that the money was his own, he would use it selfishly. So what he did is had his paychecks sent to his church, and only be sent a small paycheck of what the average lower-class American citizen made at that time. He lived in a trailer off of that money. He gave away the little he had. He could relate to the poor and the poor could relate to him. I think that’s what Christ did.

In the book Blue Like Jazz, there is the true story of a girl who did not buy herself clothes for 1 year. She didn’t do this to shout it from the rooftops or to point fingers at people who did buy clothes…she simply was a walking test model of what it looks like to let go of human nature. The nature that we actually NEED things that we don’t need. My vision has become blurry throughout 27 years in this culture. Its hard for me to know the difference between my needs and my wants anymore. So, as a self-proclaimed “Idea Stealer” I plan to embark on a similar journey this next year.

I love Target. I love walking very slowly up and down aisle after aisle of pretty NEW things. I heart REI…mmmm, I loooove the feel of a shiny new air pump for my bike. Or plastic containers to organize all my new things – those are so great. A brand spanking new bathroom towel…ahhhh. So cozy. And don’t even get me started on expensive haircuts. (smile and a sigh) But I walk past people every day that cannot afford what I call my “human nature”. August 2008-August 2009 goodbye “brand new ______”. For a year, spending money on the “brand new” will no longer be. Clothes. Decor. Gear. Jewelry. Gifts. Organizers. Socks. Books. Haircuts. Greeting cards. If I can’t buy it used, borrow it from someone else, make it or barter for it: then I don’t need it.

It’s about time I got into the stripping business. Human Nature…prepare to be stripped.

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  • You go girl! I have never know a real live stripper before so I am very excited! Actually, I had been thinking a lot along these same lines recently. The author of a blog I read almost daily, is “stripping” during the month of September with her whole family. They call it “30 Days of Nothing” and have done this before. They go the entire month without anything new and with only the bare essentials in all areas–no coke, movies, eating out. You get the idea. I am looking forward to reading more about your adventure and theirs. The urge to “buy” is one I am trying to curb as well and I am going to give serious thought to doing something similar.

  • WOW!! I loved this post. How convicting… and how unselfish of you. I am impressed, Jenni at your bold approach to living out your faith. It is such a challenge to really die to ourselves (especially in this culture) and there is not much encouragement out there to point us in that direction. I see you as a person who is a kid at heart, but mature beyond your years. Thanks for inspiring me today!!

  • This week-end my niece told me she was giving up sweets for 40 days – in fact her entire family is giving up something for 40 days as a fast of sorts to pray for someone they love. I had a twinge of discomfort but it lasted only a second because we were in a conversation and so I quickly moved on.

    Now today I ready your post and you tell me you’re giving up all un-essentials for a year. I have to think about this novel idea. Oh wait, it isn’t a novel idea we’ve just gotten so far away from it.

    I will pray for you because the true is we all need someone to encourage us to do the same.

  • you never cease to amaze me my friend!

    I have had that line in my head for a long time. Why do I NEED another pair of shoes when there are woman WITHOUT shoes.

    Why do I NEED my house more organized when there are woman who dont HAVE houses??

    How do we find that line? I dont believe we are all suppose to live without anything…but then when is ok to have something? I have been praying aLOt about that for a few years.

    I fight it by wanting to make our “little” house work….why do we NEED more room? Just b.c that is what our culture says?

    I have been thinking about writing a post on instead of doing so on your blog, I will on mine! =) haha

    As I have said before…I can not even begin to imagine how proud of you our Savior must be!

  • Very good idea Jen. Infact our family has been doing much of the same pondering lately. We have decided that our Christmas rule this year is that no one gets anything NEW. It’s second hand or hand made only! Thank goodness for EBAY!! Best wishes on the Stripping!

  • I am going to be right there with you home girl!

  • Me & My Braley Boys

    Excited to hear how things go for you! Way to go.

  • Me & My Braley Boys

    Excited to hear how things go for you! Way to go.

  • Me & My Braley Boys

    Excited to hear how things go for you! Way to go.

  • Me & My Braley Boys

    Excited to hear how things go for you! Way to go.

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