My Dirty Little Blog

Should I be concerned?  While in my hotel last week in New Mexico, I hopped on my laptop and signed into my blog to write a post.  Well, I tried to but…

A little screen popped up that read:


I double checked to make sure I was, in fact, signing into Adventures with Jen.  Check.  Then I nervously hit YES.  Adult content?  So much for hosting a “family site.” Navigating to my dashboard, I scanned posts just to make sure no one had hacked in and added anything inappropr—wait a second.

{scanning} Hmmmm…

{scanning} Oh my….

{scanning} Whoops-a-daisies…

{scanning} Uh-huh, I see…

Alright.  So as it turns out, I have a Dirty Little Blog.  Words like Naked and Nude turned up 9x in a quick content search.  The word Stripping popped up a whopping 18x.  Words like “Whore” and “men’s Brazilian silk briefs” were also in the mix.  I stumbled upon direct quotes, such as…

Last night I took off my Black Lingerie and pulled out a bottle of Port…and this morning, I woke up to Management in my bed.

Questionable post titles were jumping out left and right:

She doesn’t do it for the Butt Slap …   Staring at His Butt …   I’d post pictures, butt… …   The Answers Are in My Pants …   Hot Pink Granny Panties …    Miracle Bra …    Take it Off, Take it ALL Off!

So now this leaves me to wonder if my readers are forced to climb under the covers with their laptops and a flashlight, feeling shame as they click “YES” on the “would you like to proceed” button…?

Do you blush and cover your eyes, only to crack open your fingers just to take a peek at the next line?

Have I led innocent eyes astray with my word imagery and annoyingly large amount of posts with the word “butt” in them?

Do people gasp in horror, asking themselves:  Just how low will this Dirty Little Blog go?

Apparently low.  Very, very low.

Flashlight anyone?

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