Happy Anniversary!

Today, September 9, 2008 marks my 3 month Anniversary of not having a job. Let’s just take a few moments of silence to commemerate this experience.

(awkard silence…clock ticking…cricket chirps…3 seconds later)

Alright, that’s enough commemorating. (Sorry I can’t stop using that word. Its just that I’ve never used that word in a sentence before and its very exhilerating. Wow! “Exhilerating” – another big word! I must be signed up for college!) Anyways, we’ve ALL heard analogies before about Mountains and Valleys and blah blah blah. I say “blah blah blah” not because they are bad analogies, but because I don’t really feel like preaching to the choir today. I don’t need to tell YOU that life has low points (valleys) and life has high points (mountains). You know it – you’ve been there.

Which, interestingly enough, is why I’m here. Your valleys have inspired me. Those who have gone before me historically that have faced valleys have inspired me. I read about these men and women in the Bible who have faced major valleys and they inspire me. I see friends celebrating their wedding anniversaries – they are not celebrating their fights, their financial hardships, their selfish moments in the relationship. No – they are celebrating another year in which they have made it through and lived to tell the tale. They celebrate the person who has put up with them and they are celebrated for loving through it all and for being committed and faithful yet another year. Today on my anniversary, I’ve got no other choice: It’s time to celebrate!

Celebrate 3 months without a penny to my name, yet every single stinking bill and expense and need being covered through one miracle after another: one dog sitting job or one week of childcare or one mystery check on my doorstep. I must celebrate the inspiring stories from other people who have lived life as the underdog and perservered. I celebrate friends who listen to me cry and then blurt out the most encouraging words that remind me this is only a season. This is a time to celebrate that God is teaching me so many ways that I’ve “done life” without Him – on my own strength, my own timing, my own way – you know, just because I could. Just because when I had money, a running car, a laptop and a job I didn’t really need Him all that much.

So I raise my glass and make this toast (ahem, clearing of the throat): May I eat much cake today, work it all off on the elyptical tomorrow, celebrate no matter what the adversity and most of all…MAY I GET A JOB!!! (what can I say? I’m a work in progress!)

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  • Jenni, do you realize how you touch so many lives? I am close to retirement (won’t disclose the age) and you make me laugh, cry, think so deep, and appreciate YOUR words of wisdom. You are a “work in progress”, because God is always working on everyone of us. But your work is “OUTSTANDING”. You make me really think deeply about myself and my relationship to God, and how selfish “I” am, and remember I am “OLD”. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I love your “blogs”

    Marilyn Bergloff

  • If only you could get paid for your writing – someday I believe you will!

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