Kids these day, I tell ya.

Since the job loss I’ve been doing my fair share of kid-sitting. One family in particular has been fun to care for…two young girls that I used to nanny full-time for when they were much younger. The hours are now just a few overnight shifts here and there when the parents (who work in the medical field) are both on-call.

Last night the younger girl and I were playing various card games while watching the Disney channel, as we so often do, when we started talking about school. I asked her questions about her new school, teachers, friends and homework. She said she had homework this weekend. I told her I did too…

She said: “Why would YOU have homework?”

I said: “Because I have decided to go back to college.”

(she sat there silently for a moment, staring at me)

She said: (confused look on her face) “WHY? Are you trying to find a husband or something?”

(shaking my head)…what is this world coming to? Don’t these kids know that there are cheaper ways to meet people than a private school tuition?!?!?!

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  • Oh Jenni, I am laughing literally out loud! That is so funny, and I’m Sure you’re right that giving tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention COUNTLESS hours in school, taking tests, writing papers etc, is NOT the way to go about trying to find a husband!


  • oh that is SO funny! did you tell Susan…I bet she died! =)

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