This past month I celebrated a milestone birthday…

I celebrated in Montana with my sister Lisa…

I celebrated with my Denver friends…

I even celebrated a fellow friend’s 30th with a ski trip…(far left)

But I ESPECIALLY celebrated when I opened my latest Car Insurance Bill to read…

…effective at 12:01am on my birthday, my car insurance premium significantly dropped, due to this milestone birthday!  Some people dread 30, yet I’ve honestly looked forward to it.  Suddenly overnight you are just that much more legit in life.  No longer a post-adolescent 20-something.  When you turn 30 you are officially…

OH MY GOSH!!!  I’m OLD!!!  I’m so, SO…OLD!!! I panicked as my suddenly elderly-eyes squinted to read the FINE PRINT on my Car Insurance premium.

“Bifocals!  WHERE are my bifocals!!!” I screamed.  “Oh no! I don’t WEAR bifocals.  Great – I’m having MEMORY LOSS issues!!!  Did I just pee my pants?  I’m losing all control of my bodily functions!”

As it turns out, my car insurance premium has gone down because I have entered a new “Age Bracket.”  The bracket?

Age 30-64

Not 30-35…Not even 30-39…But SIXTY FOUR!?!

Dramatic sigh.

My time has come.

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