You and Your Wild Imagination

As a Licensed Esthetician (confidant hair flip), I was professionally trained in the art of makeup, skin care and waxing. After a rigorous 600 hour program, you can just imagine how strict my beauty regime is.

And that’s where I’ll leave you…to your imagination.

I mean, it just wouldn’t be right to reveal the fact that instead of using the set of high-end makeup brushes made of 100% Taklon, I just smear the purple eyeshadow on with my pointer finger. And heaven forbid you find out that I wax my legs once every 4 months. It would be a shame to let you all know that I use a leg razor to cut my bangs instead of a highly trained hair stylist. And I’m so glad I’ve never told you that I visited a tanning booth a couple times about a month ago…

Yeah, I’ll just leave you to your imagination…your imagination that tells you that after 600 hours in Esthetics training, I have the highest standards and convictions when it comes to Beauty (confidant hair flip). Now where did I put that wax pot?

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  • Jenni I totally miss you and your confidant hair flips!!! and I wouldn’t expect any more from you than using your pointer finger 🙂

    You always look gorgeous, why would you need high end stuff ? 🙂

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