Take Me to the Crazy House

I think I just snapped. Like really, I think I just mentally snapped. I’ve not been in the best mood the past few days, blame it on the Economy or terribly applied purple eyeshadow or my decreasing hopes that I’m a hireable human being (not to mention the speeding ticket!). So I had declared today a better day as I hopped in my car, leaving the place I am housesitting. Nothing can phase me today! I announced to the world, driving to my apartment.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by my stack of mail…one of them being from Thrify Car Rental. Up until I lost my job nearly 4 months ago, I was an Education Specialist, L.E. (confidant hair flip) and I traveled the United States training med-spas on our equipment. I used a lot of car rental places, so I figured I was now receiving frequent rental perks…no. such. luck.

It was a bill for $25.50 and it read something like this: Our records indicate you rented a vehicle from Thrifty Car Rental with the license plate XXX-XXX under rental agreement blah blah blah…We have received a toll charge that occurred during your rental…The toll charges of .50 cents plus a $25.00 per violation admin fee has been assessed.

Blink Blink. I sat there momentarily trying to figure just what they wer…DING DING! A lightbulb went off and I quickly checked my blogging history (phew – thank goodness for blogs!) to which, on May 22nd I did indeed write a post called “Committing Felonies in Florida” in which I only had a $5 bill and there were NO PEOPLE in the toll booths to give me change!

The worst part is…when I read the blog, I realized I had screamed through TWO toll booths. My letter reads that I will be charged “per violation” meaning I’ve got another letter coming. I laughed one “ha”. Then a smile formed. Then came, “ha ha”..and that’s when I snapped. I was all alone, holding a letter asking for more money, that I really can’t afford to pay and seriously laughing hysterically. I had snapped. Its kind of like if someone dumped a bucket of water on you and you’re mad at first because you’re all wet…and then you walk outside and it starts downpouring. You just can’t be mad, because you’re already wet.

I’m soaked to the bone.

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  • Hmm, would the old job pay for such a thing? Maybe more as a concession, since you were working for them at the time?

    Good luck with the writing stuff- I hope it pays off for you SOON!

  • Sorry to hear about ALL the crazines in your life!! If you ever want FREE diner come on over!! We love having diner parties and I LOVE to cook. And since you have to fork out another 25 bucks for some silly thing I don’t want you eating tree bark for the rest of the week or weeks ahead. Call when you are in the area:) I even have homemade bread I can send home with you:)

  • I was so confused b.c I kep wondering why your post was called “Take me you crazy horse…”

    Then I realized it WASNT called that! =) Maybe I need to go to the crazy house WITH you!

    AND….I dont even know what to say. Except, there IS always a well decorated =) basement here on 11th ave sw that you are more than welcome to crash

    for free

  • See then Jen it works perfect. You can live with Miss for free and eat at our house for free. Then it’s settled. See you for diner:)
    6pm sharp

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