STRIPPING: Layer Number One (gulp)

The past 2 months I’ve been working hard at becoming a real, live stripper. Now I realize this may come as a shock to some of you, as I am typically the one watching everyone else strip…no wait, that came out wrong. What I meant, was that I’m generally the one to pay the money…wait, that didn’t sound right either. (sweating bullets) Let me start over – In August 2008 I gave up buying anything “new” for a year. I’m a couple months into this journey and I’d like to spend the next few posts talking about my experience…the miracles, my new favorite thing: bartering, what I’m learning and…let’s be honest – the not so fun and easy parts.

Layer Number One: Motive Check. The first several weeks of August didn’t seem very different for me because yes, I couldn’t buy anything new but that doesn’t mean I can’t BUY anything. And I like buying stuff. But (little devil on my shoulder) You never said you weren’t going to stop buying things! Just NEW things! But (little angel on my shoulder) You are buying things YOU DON’T NEED, just b/c its used. (Little Devil) But it states under Rule #17 Jenni can buy anything she wants to as long as its not brand spankin’ new!!!

STOOOOPPPPPP!!!! I had to silence the angels and the devils. They were driving me crazy. So after turning on a show and putting them in front of the tv (What? Its what all the moms and dads are doing these days!) I had to reflect a little bit. WHY am I doing this? For WHOM am I doing it for? IS there a rulebook? SHOULD there BE a rulebook? And so off came Layer #1 – I am doing this to show myself that there is a distinct difference between my needs and my wants. I’m doing this because that area is no longer black and white. I’m doing this because my natural self goes into the store with 2 things on my list and comes home with 7 things. I’m not doing this because of money (however, its rocking my non-existant financial world!). There is not a rulebook…no need. There is solely the idea that I will never come home with a Target bag, a Walmart bag, a Gap bag, a Barnes & Noble Bag…you get the picture…for a full year.

This DOES NOT mean that there’s no temptation. However, I’ve been surprised by the ways I’ve been tempted. Tempted to buy “used” things I don’t need. You see, that’s not something I planned on dealing with…I thought I’d have temptation, but I thought I would be tempted to buy something new. A little, but rarely. More on the Little Devil and the Little Angel to come…

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  • I am excited to hear more about the “no buying anything new for a year” challenge. Dave and I have considered this, but haven’t made the leap. I’d love to hear about it!

    And save me a hot dog if you’re out watching the marathon. 😉

  • It was so nice to see you at the soccer game yesterday. Your sister has really become such a great soccer player. I always admire her determination and stick-to-it attitude. I think you might be a lot like her. You are sticking to this “stripping” business and I congratulate you! I look forward to hearing more.

    May I make one other comment–you can’t stop me, I guess! You posted a while ago about a man you interviewed for an assignment for school. I would just like to suggest that you go back to him sometime with some answers to some of his questions. He may not come to agree with you but he will so admire seeing Christ in you–Christ who always took time to answer people’s questions. Just an idea!

  • I love that you put them in front of the tv 🙂 It’s my #1 strategy for parenting ben (bob + Jen = Ben).

    Seriously though, wow, great catch! I would totally find myself sticking to the exact rules and then needing to redine the purpose 🙂 Good for you!

    Ps you’ll still buy NEW deoderant right – if you run out? I mean you can’t smell but the rest of us can 😉

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