STRIPPING: The Little Angel Made Me Do It

I was on the elliptical several weeks ago. Things were not going so well. You see, on my left wrist I had my HUGE discman strapped on, listening to a CD mix that had to be on repeat, because you can only fit like, 14 songs on them…unlike the Ipod Shuffle that can fit days worth of workout mixes on them. Not only that, it kept skipping every time it banged into the machine as my arms moved to the beat. Like I said, things were not going very well.

I decided at that very moment that I wanted…no, no…I NEEDED an Ipod Shuffle. I searched Craigslist and to my delight, found one in the package for $50. Little Devil: It’s definitely not “new”…you’re buying it on Craigslist! Little Angel: You idiot! It’s still in the packaging! How is that considered not “new”? Suddenly, the Little Devil had an epiphany…he remembered for me that I had received a $30 gift certificate from Best Buy in the mail! Little Devil: Why would you buy a “used” shuffle for $50 when you could get it for just $20???

Hmmm…Just $20.00 for an Ipod Shuffle? I mean, it makes sense to go newer and cheaper vs. used and more expensive right? Then I stopped. What was I doing? I took a giant bucket of cold water and dumped it on my head: SNAP OUT OF IT CARLSON! You don’t even “need” an Ipod Shuffle…you just don’t want to be a dork in the workout room anymore. True. I don’t want to be a dork in the workout room anymore.

So, the next day, I did what I had to do. I went into Best Buy and walked through aisles of shiny new things. My eyes landed on the Ipod Shuffles, colorful, shiny, new…but I didn’t stop there. Meandering on, I found a little Spanish speaking family, handed them the gift certificate, told them it was a gift and then I left. My heart really really hurt after this – but it wasn’t a bad hurt. It hurt because it felt…bigger somehow. Now wait a second, don’t think I’m a saint or anything…The Little Angel made me do it. (Darn shoulder Angel.) I didn’t buy the pretend used one off of Craigslist either. Someday I’ll get to “STRIP” that awful discman off my wrist…but for now, I’ve got other things to strip…

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  • SWEET! Great story!

    You’re inspiring us. Dave and I love reading your stories because they remind us that someone else out there is struggling to do what we are struggling to do, too. Bash CONSUMERISM over it’s greedy, needy head and start living the life Christ modeled for us. Homeless and poor…lol…kind of kidding, kind of serious…somedays we feel like we’re halfway there. 😉

  • I love this story. You are an amazing story teller. Way to go.

  • you never cease to amaze me!

  • Wow Jenni. Just WOW!!

    I love it 🙂

  • So I told Joey about this story and when I got to the part where you gave away the gift card he said “oh jenni…”

    I said “what? you thought she should have given it to you?” (you know how guys work! best buy!!!)

    he goes “no! that’s just… just amazing”

    Thought you should know you touched him 🙂

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