Last night I was laying in bed chatting with one of my sisters on the phone.  It was late and we were laughing about some sort of dating drama.  Anyways, I ended up calling her a whore as we were laughing…and not because she is one, but because I admittedly say inappropriate things on occasion.  This was such occasion.

“You whore!” I say laughing.

“I AM a whore.  Dangit.” she replies in {fake} defeat.

Again, I have lost context for our conversation, but for some reason, all of this was hilarious late at night…so I tell her “I’m going to quote book that!” I don’t have a quote book, but I did grab my laptop laying next to me and flipped it open.  There happened to be a Word Document open on my screen, so I just typed in her in-the-moment-hilarious-quote, then closed the laptop as our conversation naturally progressed into how the Lord is working in our lives.  (as I said, a “natural” progression)

This morning I woke up and made a mad dash to get ready as I was leading a spa training several hours away for one of our LARGEST spa accounts.  After the last coat of mascara was applied and my bags were packed I realized…SHOOT!  I forgot to print the agendas for the class!!!  Dropping my bags to the floor, I grabbed my laptop and ran upstairs to my printer.  “Whew!” I thought. “THAT could have been embarrassing!”

And with that, I printed the agendas, grabbed my things and ran out the door.

Upon arrival to the spa, I took my place in front of the team.  I gave an inspiring introduction, casting vision for our time together and the growth they could expect to see in their business after our training.  As their faces looked upon me with anticipation and hunger for knowledge, I proceeded to pull out the Class Agendas, completely unaware of the fact that it looked something like this…

Spa Business Building Seminar:

  • 90 Second Skin Care
  • “Mini-Eventing” concept
  • Spa Talk 101
  • Knowing Your Percentages
  • Business Cards
  • Pre-Booking ideas
    • Lip Plump Service
    • Complimentary Peels
    • Get Your Glow On
    • Eye Zone Treatment
    • Monthly Treatment Giveaway

 I AM a whore. Dangit.

I knew I shouldn’t have worn a mini skirt and lacy nylons today.


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  • LOL!!!!!!! I want to hear the rest of this story……..when did it come to your attention, did anyone say anything, what was your explanation! Come on Jen! Details!! LOL!!!

  • I nearly swallowed my mint. You, ma’am, are the queen of awkward situations, and I thank you for making your reader’s lives a little lighter by freely sharing them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go self-Heimlich myself.

  • I love you more and more with each story you tell our I experience!!!!!!!

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