adventures w/ jen…& melissa!

What do you do when you are 34 years old, have 5 kids under the age of 9, potentially have bronchitis, your husband is working a bazillion hours, it’s less than a week after Christmas, and your friend that lives 969.77 miles away is going through some heartache?

Get Out the Map!

Meet Melissa

Before the holidays, I had several months that my heart was pretty heavy.  Alright, it was really heavy.  FINE…I was a train wreck.  Melissa, knowing this, would regularly lock herself in her closet – lock her 5 kids in a closet – so she could send me a text or give me a call to check-in…not just once a day…but ALL DAY.  Her compassion would at times bring me to tears!

This is not the only reason I love this woman.  Oh no.  Once she wrapped my ENTIRE DESK at work in Christmas wrapping paper.  Even my stapler.  My three-ring-binders.  Everything.  Needless to say, she didn’t get paid her hourly wages that day.

This is also not the only reason I love this woman.  Oh no.  She is my friend that laughs this really loud, amazing laugh at ALL my jokes…which pretty much makes me feel famous, and hilarious.  I’m not sure why it makes me feel famous.  I think I just wanted to add that in for dramatic effect.  {hear that?  It’s Melissa laughing really loudly…even though that wasn’t funny at all. Yesss!  FAMOUS!}

But that is not the only reason I love this woman.  Oh no.  She also married this fantastic guy – Bill – who happens to be a truck driver, and one of the funniest guys ever.  Once when Melissa, Bill and I were out to dinner, Bill ordered {very proudly, very seriously, in his loud, truck driver voice}…

I’ll have the fa-jee-tah quaws-uh-dill-uhs please!!!

Which meant that he wanted the “Fajita Quesadillas” – however, he apparently doesn’t speak “Spanish.”  Or “Chili’s Chain Restaurant.”  Aw Bill.

But this is not the only reason I love this woman.  Oh no.  We have been in countless Young Life skits together – {where I typically have ended up in the Emergency Room}…I have lived with her and Bill…and we were once well-known for our AMAZING yearly garage sales.  But I think one of my favorite qualities about Melissa, is that she is ALWAYS up for an adventure!

I called her just 2 weeks before Christmas and said,

If I rent a car in Minnesota on New Year’s Eve, do you want to ditch the kids and drive back to Denver with me?

Within 7 minutes and 42.39 seconds, the woman had babysitters lined up for 4 days straight and we were booking our rental car for News Years Eve 2011.  And that is why I love this woman.

5am: Obnoxiously excited for our ROAD TRIP!

The drive to Denver consisted of cranking up Indigo Girls song “Get Out the Map,” drinking absurd amounts of coffee, sketchy truck driver stops, getting pulled over {MELISSA!!!!}, flirting with the police officer to get off the hook {JEN!!!!}, and talking non-stop for 16 hours straight.  Seriously.  I’m not even sure we stopped to breathe.

We rolled into Denver just shy of 2012, slightly delirious…






…and the next day we wasted NO time in exploring Colorado history!

Inside of Mine
Who needs a hotel room when...
Gold Mine Entrance
Historic Mining Tour
Making hard hats look good 🙂









Sunny Colorado!














And what is “exploring” without some unexpected stops along the way?!

Beautiful View, Beautiful Friend


Don't mess.
Oldest Child.
On the road again!














Day Three was spent playing up in the mountains…

LOVE Colorado weather!!!
Melissa taking a picture of herself in my sunglasses 🙂
I could get used to this...
















And no Girl’s Trip at my place is complete without Italian and a Spa Night!

Step One: Dye Hair!
Step Two: Paint Toes!
Step Three: Face Masques!
Pasta, Wine & movies with the wall projector...ahhhh, love it!

















Happy New Year! 

{alright, alright…so I’m a LITTLE behind here at AwJ.  But hey,  if I don’t get to blogging about Christmas until March, just be patient with me.  And if you’re still patiently waiting for a thank-you card from my high school graduation party in 1999, I’m sorry.  It’s not going to happen.}

hearts & aromatic steamed towels,


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  • I love your friendship! What a blessing to a mother’s heat to know her child has such a wonderful friend. Of course our entire family loves you:)

  •!! I was laughing all the way thru this and then laughed even louder about “can you hear that…It’s Melissa laughing” bc I WAS laughing! Bwahahaha

    That will hands down always be one of the best trips of my life……and I’ve even spent a chunk of time in armadillo, or

    I love you! I can’t wait to do my post about this trip!….yup I’m even further behind than you!

  • Friends – one of the best of life’s blessings!

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