Ten Years and Counting

As you may have noticed, I have been pondering my elderly state. (um, 27.813 years old). It all started last weekend when my little sister Emily (age 17) and her 2 buddies came to spend the night at my place. Here is a peek into Jenni’s thought process:

“Wow (head tipped to the side), it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a senior in high school. But it was 10 years ago! I never had an older sibling to hang out with. (pondering) I wonder what it would be like to have a sibling 10 years older than me? (eyes squint as I do the Math). Wow, if I had a sister 10 years older, she would be 37 years old right now! She would probably have like, a house and kids and stuff. I wonder what my non-existant 37 year old sister would look like? Would she be old and frazzled? Or would she be youthful and spunky? (lips purse) Well, she doesn’t even exist, so who cares if she seems old or not. Wait a second!!! (eyes dramatically open wide and shift around)…that will be…ME! No wait (nervously cringe)…that IS ME!!! I am “The Old Sister”. Not The Older Sister (that’s Lisa – age 24)...I’m The Old Sister. (arms cross over chest with a huff) I used to be so…so…YOUNG – now look at me! I’m 37 (well, practically) and Emily’s only 27 (well, almost) and still has her youth…JUST LOOK AT ME!!!! I’m almost 40!!! (grab paper bag and huff in and out).”

Now really, there is nothing wrong with being 40…I just momentarily forgot I still had 12.187 years to get there. Thus the panic. I’m not sure which I thought was weirder…Picturing me being almost 40, or picturing my little high school sister being almost 30! Anyways, here’s a few pictures from our fabulous weekend!

NO, I did not dress them like mummies…As a Licensed Esthetician (confident hair flip), I steamed their faces to open pores prior to an aromatic deep cleansing clay mask!

Deep Pore Cleansing…Mmmm – so fun!

Of course no Girls Getaway is complete without cruising the town!

Exploring downtown Minneapolis after live Jazz and dessert!

Em’s friends, Kelsey & Kirsten, after seeing how TEENY TINY our SHARED desserts were! We forgot the rule:
The more expensive it is, the smaller the serving!

The Old Lady (cough, ME!) and The Youngest (Emily)

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