Only in America…

…do they sell turkeys carved out of butter.

…do you find 22 varieties of solely Tropicana Orange Juice to choose from. 22!!! JUST TROPICANA!

is there not only a counter for lotto tickets, but a vending machine of them as well.

…do grocery clerks ride on Segways, zipping around, just stocking away. Or are they stalking? Either way, apparently gone are the days of “your own two feet”.

Only in America.

2 comments On Only in America…

  • Butter turkeys? Please tell me they do not come in 12 or 16 lb sizes. Puke…..

    Where in the world do you shop, by the way? They do not have any of these lovely features at Ogle’s in Grand Rapids. If only I could buy my lotto tickets from a machine and eliminate all human contact. 😉 I’m kidding about that whole last sentence, you know.

  • you can only ‘rent’ a movie out of a little box just like a vending machine.

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