Commuter Confessions

I think we’ve all heard it before.  Perhaps you’ve even said it.   And don’t deny that you’ve never thought it.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to…

Fill in the blank.  Maybe it’s study a personal interest or hobby.  Workout.  Talk to that long lost friend.  I know I used to say it.  But not anymore…

Now, in my new eBook titled “There ARE Enough Hours in the Day to Get Everything Done If You Happen to Have a Job Where You Spend Half Your Day in the Car Commuting!” you, too, can learn how to get everything done in just 24 hours or less!

Yes, that’s right!  Today, for just 8 – that’s right, EIGHT – easy installments of just $49.99 – you can have your very own copy of this eBook mailed RIGHT to your inbox!

But wait, that’s not all!  If you order TODAY, you will not only get “There ARE Enough Hours in the Day to Get Everything Done If You Happen to Have a Job Where You Spend Half Your Day in the Car Commuting!” – you will ALSO receive a vintage autographed 8×10 photo of Yours Truly!!!!!!!

Yes, my friends, it’s true.  Well, not the part about my new eBook.  And not the part about the complimentary vintage 8×10 either…(however, I am willing to accommodate those interested in making a small, monetary donation for this rare treasure…).  But what is true, is that I spend A LOT of time in my car driving to accounts across the state.  And lately, it shows.

Open up my glove box and out spills a medicine cabinet.  Open up the middle console and there you’ll find my makeup bag, hairspray and comb.  My sun visor holds an assortment of Dave Ramsey cds, for some productive audio learning.  And the backseat?  Oh, just an 8 lb. dumbbell and a mini-Office-Depot….nbd.

Today I made the drive from Denver down to Colorado Springs and my commute ended up looking something like this:

  1. Start driving
  2. Eat an apple & granola bar
  3. Apply makeup
  4. Review agenda for the day
  5. Stop at Starbucks.
  6. Turn on music – spend some time in prayer/reflection
  7. Call an out-of-state friend to catch up
  8. Grab hand weight – do bicep curls.
  9. Turn on Air Conditioning so that I don’t arrive at the salon sweating.
  10. Arrive at salon (not sweating)…Work.
  11. Get back in car – start commute home.
  12. Pop in some Dave Ramsey – soak in some budgeting & investing advice
  13. Call a friend to catch up.
  14. Read Small Group Bible Study lesson at stoplights
  15. Do more bicep curls.
  16. …and shoulder presses.
  17. …and perhaps some butt flexes.
  18. …did I just publicly admit that?
  19. Eat snack…
  20. Take Cold & Sinus medication.
  21. Make some work phone calls.
  22. Arrive home


…how did I EVER get anything done before life on the road?!?!


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