It goes on…

It seems like a lifetime ago that I lost my job…really it was only 5 months 15 days 6 hours and 24 minutes ago (but who’s counting?). Talk of a “bad economy” was just starting to become reality for many people. Its funny, because I honestly remember thinking to myself, “How am I going to afford not working for 2 or 3 weeks until I can find a new job?” Here I am, 5+ months later, working the street corner…oh wait, ahem, I mean, finding ways to make ends meet.

Within 1 month I had used up the entirety of my savings on rent, bills, groceries and gas. (note to self: become better saver!) We all know you can’t change the past, so I was forced to look at the looming bills ahead. I sat down and prayed, “God, I need a job or I need the money…help me…please!” I got a call the next day from a family I used to nanny for asking “Do you know of anyone who might be able to help us out for a month?” DO I?!?!

A month flew by and still no job – again I found myself on my knees, “Um, God…I uh, need a job or I need the money…help me…please!” I landed 1 dog-sitting job and 2 house-sitting jobs within the month. When that month was over I honestly remember thinking, “God has really pulled through. Too bad He’s probably out of ideas now…” Think again. After praying once more, “God I hate to be a bother, but I REALLY NEED A JOB OR SOME MONEY!” I got 3 phone calls in ONE DAY.

1. Grandma called – she needed someone to varnish her garage door
2. A young mom called – someone gave her my number to watch her kids 2 days a week
3. An old job called – they needed someone to work 3 days/week during the holidays

Okay fine. I guess He might not be totally out of ideas. I saw on the news tonight that right now 1 in 8 Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Right now over 6% of hard-working Minnesotans are unemployed. And right now, I’m not quite sure when I’ll find a full-time job (well, that part wasn’t on the news!). The truth is, I can’t say I “love” checking my bank account every week…the numbers are always smaller than my bills to be paid!

However, I am amazed that since I’ve lost my job, I’ve not missed one payment. Since I’ve lost my job, I’ve never gone hungry. My car broke down, wiping out my last $375.00, yet I paid it…and it runs…and that was 2 months ago.

Life is messy. Its expensive. Its unpredictable. But you know what? When life throws you lemons, pick them up and throw them back. Because there’s another lesson about life that I’ve learned…

It goes on.

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