"Testing…1, 2, 3…"

Today I am dusting off the keys and doing finger warm-ups. Its been so long since I last blogged that I feel a bit like an akward, timid girl walking up to a microphone and tapping it…”Um, testing, 1, 2…” as the microphone shrieks and everyone covers their ears, cringing. What do I say? Do I tell a joke? Do I pull out an accordian and share a tune? Perhaps I find a couch and make myself comfortable, spilling my guts as if in therapy…?

None seem appropriate for a post-Blogcation Debut. I guess I’ll have to resort to my secret talent…making Top 10 Lists.

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues:

1. Collect couch change…enjoy 4-8 minutes of artificial sunlight at the local tanning shop
2. Toblerone chocolate – the answer to many of life’s deepest issues
3. Do not let Winter control you…TAKE CONTROL of winter! Ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, ice sculpting, snowman building, flag poll licking, snowball eating, snot freezing, snow angel making, sledding, and snowfort building
4. Don’t wait to start Spring Cleaning! Nothing’s better than a perfectly organized closet, underwear drawer or tupperware collection!
5. Paint your toenails…unless of course you’re a man. Then just put on a pair of socks without a hole in the big toe.
6. Go to a coffee shop…WITHOUT laptop and phone…take only a buddy or a book.
7. Prank calling. Reserve this one for those -40 degree windchill days.
8. Make pancakes in the shape of snowmen or mickey mouse. Simple. Fun. Effective.
9. Bundle up and clean out your car. (soggy floor mats, dusty dashes, frozen fluids in sippy cups or coffee mugs, you get the picture)
10. Use excessive amounts of bronzing powder in your morning post-shower ritual. You will feel sun-kissed and confident (until your co-worker says, “What the bleepity-bleep happened to you!?”) You take what you can get, I guess.

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