so there’s this guy…

Awhile back I met this guy, and I’ve never been the same since.  I had been praying for an opportunity to get to know him better, and then one day when I wasn’t even looking…poof – there he was, in a thrift store of all places, staring back at me.  He’s been totally rocking my world ever since.

What’s he like?  He’s a street smarts kind of guy, great sense of humor, a hard worker…and he just so happens to be filthy rich.  My family has gotten to know him, quite a few of my friends have spent a lot of time with him, and so I figured I might as well introduce him to my blogging world.  His name?

Dave Ramsey. 

~ Author, Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host, Money Guru Extraordinaire.

Perhaps you know him too.

For the first 25 years of my life, I proudly avoided debt.  With a few minor credit card learning experiences paid-off, and choosing the community college route in order to pay cash along the way, I was at a quarter-century of life without a single debt to my name.

But at age 25, all of that changed…fast.

I was in a job with great health insurance…so I decided to get braces to correct a shift in my bite.  {I wath thuper thexy}.  Wellllll, turns out they won’t take your bratheth, I mean, braces off until your account is PAID IN FULL.  Which meant that I had to come up with several thousand dollars in a week…thank you LOAN OFFICER {and Dr. Wahl…*ting!*}.

That same year I decided to pursue my long-time dream of getting Licensed in Esthetics…and I chose the “Harvard” of beauty schools…a mere $17,000 for a 600-Hour Certification.  Wowza. Student loans to the rescue.

Becoming Licensed in Esthetics was a great career move for me, one that I don’t regret.  But working in a salon was not my dream…taking my career to the next level WAS.  Which meant finishing my Bachelor’s of Science in Communications was next on my list.  Which meant…{you guessed it}…more student loans.

While I prefer to buy cars in cash, I was not in a place financially to do so when push came to shove…and my car was being towed to the junkyard.  With some money down, a car loan took care of the rest.

Suddenly within a short time, I had gone from NO DEBT, to SIGNIFICANT DEBTAnd the payment plans started rolling in…

It was during 2008 that I started to feel the weight of the chains that my accumulating debt was giving me.  I had just lost my job in the economical turn, and had recently started night school for my Bachelor’s.  I remembered several years prior, living in Oregon, my friend’s Jeff and Jen talking about this Dave Dude, who was helping them live simpler and pay off radical amounts of debt.  Checking into it, I saw that his 12-week course and full set of CD’s, workbooks and money envelopes could be mine for $150.

The thing about losing your job is that your bills don’t stop coming.  So, it was in that moment that I told God…

So, um…I definitely want to do this money thing Your way.  But it’s a LITTLE TOUGH when the only way to do it YOUR WAY, is to take out a $150 LOAN TO DO IT!!!!!!!  I mean, ahem, dearest Lord, wilst thou heareth my prayer?

So there I was, in a thrift store the following week, just a few bucks to my name.  Needless to say, the financial burden of my job loss had me feeling pretty down.  Suddenly, I stopped mid-stride, as my eyes caught his.  There he was – Dave Ramsey himself – his photo stamped large and in-charge on a shiny, blue box.

No way.  I thought.

Picking up the box, I saw the price tag:  $4.99  –  Certain that it must be used, written on, ripped up, and missing CDs, I tried not to get my hopes up as I cracked open the box {valued at $150}.  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or let a tear fall when I saw that every disk, every envelope, every book, every piece of literature, every worksheet sat in it’s plastic.  Unopened.  Brand new.

Coincidence?  I think not.

From that day forth, I have not mismanaged a single cent.  I have been a perfect, money-managing saint, who NEVER overspends her allotted Starbucks budget, who ALWAYS balances her accounts, and whose budgeting skills exceed the expertise of all others.


Although I absorbed his teaching, for several years I was pretty passive with attacking my debt.  Last May, however, I had the opportunity to RE-take the Dave Ramsey class in a group setting.  Packing up my thrift store steal, I began to RE-work through his money managing worksheets, RE-fresh on his debt snowball tactics, and RE-member that living debt-free is how I desire to live.

So in May 2011, I began ATTACKING debt much more aggressively, using Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method.  I cannot tell you what a huge SMILE was on my face when this past Christmas I received my first letter that started with the word, “Congratulations!”

Getting that letter gave me a HUGE surge in motivation to stay on track…which paid off {literally!} when two weeks ago I received another letter in the mail, similar to the first.  It read…

Dave Ramsey says that in finances/money, there are two types of people:  the “Nerds” and the “Free Spirits.”  I will be the first to admit that I LOVE spending money!  I love to spend it on myself, on other people, I love to give it away, to use it to create special experiences for people…I am a very talented Free Spirit if I do say so myself.  I truly do find JOY in burning holes right through my pockets!  🙂  However with that being said, I’m working on developing the “Nerd” in me…and how AWESOME it’s been to find JOY in the Nerdy corners of my soul as well!

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve found myself reading and RE-reading these two letters over and over again…really proud of how far I’ve come and so excited to look down the road at a day that cannot come soon enough.  The day that all of these sacrifices will have {literally} PAID OFF!

Want to get to know Dave?  Click the link below!

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