Motivating Jenni…a daunting task.

Why is it that the very thing I SHOULD be doing is the very thing I RESENT doing? I mean seriously, is it THAT HARD to get off the couch and sweep the kitchen floor? It would take me like, 2 minutes.

(I take it back – I just tested it. It only takes 1 min. and 36 sec…and that even includes panicking and dropping the dustpan.)

Alright, back to what-does-it-take-to-motivate-Jenni. (obviously racing the microwave timer). Seriously though, I wonder what would happen if my To-Do list looked something like this:

* Watch odd daytime television shows
* Google things for 2 hours
* Try on every shade of lipstick you own – rate them.
* Take a nap
* Watch a movie

Then would I despise those things for the sole reason that I am “supposed” to do them? Would I do homework, laundry, errands…just because they are NOT on my To-Do list? I remember having a job and I thinking, “Oh, the things I could accomplish if I had no job!”

Today I vacuumed my car, washed the floor mats, had an appointment, got groceries, made food for small group, washed dishes, and applied for 2 jobs. Although it seems like I got a lot done, I still managed to watch 2 movies, American Idol, news, Seinfeld, Facebook, read blogs, check e-mail 27x, lay on the couch staring at the ceiling for WAY too long and intermittedly flip channels. L.A.Z.Y.

Oh the things I could have done with those wasted hours! Oh the bills that could have been paid, the bathtubs that could have been scrubbed, the armpits that could have been waxed! On one of the many channels I flipped onto however, I heard that “optimism is contagious, but so is pessimism”…so I apologize for my pessimistic, brainless chatter. (blame it on the Red Dye #40 in my poptart) What I meant to say was…

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING TODAY!!! (how’s that for optimism? – confident hair flip)

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  • Ooohhh. I know exactly what you mean! Most days I feel like I accomplished things. But lately, when I don’t do things I know I should I feel like a load!

  • That first line reminded me of Romans 7. Good times!

  • I am proud of you for accomplishing something today!!!! So far today I have accomplished….eating breakfast….having coffee…..washing dishes….checking my email….blogging…..playing spider solitare……and that about covers it!! And I only have had to get out of bed twice for that! I have a sick babe at home, so we are spending lots of time in our pj’s in bed on the computer playing games….so relaxing….or LAZY!

  • he, he…..

    But, goodness, for all that you “didn’t” do today, it sounds like you did so much!

  • I would be thrilled to get that much done in a day! Just applying for jobs takes forever! I would also be thrilled to get that much down time in a day… man, you’ve got it together, girl!

  • Yup…me too….lazy, lazy, lazy. I have a small excuse, I feel like crap. I’m starting to desire doing the dishes..well, not quite, but something.

  • Oh Jenni…I just love you to pieces! This is so my life right now, too. There are a million and one things that I *should* be getting done right now, but here I sit in front of the tube and the computer aimlessly wandering around. I AM going to get the dishes done (I must, we have nothing left to eat on or with) and start up the laundry. We’ll see if I get that far!

    Here’s to a productive day!!!

  • I totally feel ya girl!! That post was sooo for ME!!

  • Jenni, I think it is that Red Dye #40, Annika says it makes you loco!!!!! And she is a 3 year old, who knows!!!!

  • Well, my opinion Jenni is that you are OVERzealous, and your tasks get done too quickly. Perhaps its that you are OVER productive and it leaves you with so much down time??? Any one of those things that you mentioned doing in just one day could take me an entire day, and not just b/c I have kids… b/c I’m just SSSSLLLLOOOOWWW. Feel good about all that down time that you had!!! 🙂

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