Mistakes I Won’t Make in 2009…

I won’t be fooled into thinking that protein powder in my smoothies gives me bigger muscles.

I won’t buy the $10 box of hair-dye…the $2 Revlon box does the same trick.

I will not drink coffee while wearing my white Enrique Iglesias Fan Club hoodie.

You won’t find me speeding on 38th Ave…because if I do, my license just may be revoked.

In 2009, I definately will not make the mistake of thinking my windshield wipers can just grate off 1/2 inch of ice – we don’t want another motor burn-out, do we?

I will not eat Chipotle burritos. Okay fine, I will, but maybe just not as often.

I won’t put toothpaste on my toothbrush, then absentmindedly place it back in the drawer till morning.

I will not offer people who don’t speak English rides…even if it is -40 degrees outside.

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  • Protein powder=bad, instant carnation=good. I think you should give it a try! I had to make the switch because I was starting to look like a beasssst. muha.

  • Rebekah - A Wife and Mom

    I just found your site and I admit I have laughed out loud throughout the evening … it is fun to read a fellow Minnesotans blog and to completely understand the inside jokes …. I look forward to reading much much more … thanks for the laughs … from a fellow coffee drinker – have a great day!

    Rebekah – Prior Lake

  • So, we WILL find you speeding down all other roads???? 🙂

  • hahahahahah I love all of them!!!!!!! Especially the non english speaking ride!! BEST STORY EVER!

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