If I only had a brain!

I still have a little over a year left until I finish my bachelor’s degree…but tonight (just for kicks) I decided to browse some grad schools. For someone who has a track record of despising school, I’m a little surprised at myself. But not that surprised, because I often find myself purposefully doing things I DO NOT want to do. Self-torture. One of my many gifts…

My internet browsing allowed me to choose what region I wanted to attend grad school. So, (just for kicks) I clicked on Europe. I’ve never been to Europe, but I began to imagine myself becoming very cultured and adventurous. Then just like that (snap fingers) I made the decision that it seemed a little TOO adventurous for me…BECAUSE OF THE BOAT RIDE OVER.

Yes, I honestly somehow forgot that we now have airplanes, and that the Mayflower would not be shipping me over to Europe for grad school. Oh boy…and back to the 5th grade I go.

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