Black or Black? THAT is the question.

(stretching…yawning…more stretching…lots more yawning) Getting out of bed, I’m sporting my black sweats and a black tank top. Throwing open the closet doors, hands on my hips, I survey the scene.

Hmmm…today should I wear black, black or black? Oooh, perhaps I should wear black! Or should I wear black? Eventually I settle on something black. I then put on my black socks and black shoes. I bundle up in my black fleece, and grab my black purse before heading out the door. I stop for a coffee and pull out my black wallet.

I go home in the evening and say to myself, hmmmm, I should probably do some laundry. I guess I’ll do a load of blacks and then maybe follow up with a load of blacks!

Apparently I like to keep things simple. (or I’m just reeeally boring)

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  • well maybe your wardrobe is trying to tell you to become an sign language interpreter because that is all we where. Wear is proud lady!
    seriously, you should see all the black that I have..
    no shame!

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