Home Makeover: Part II

I spend a fair amount of time in my Home Office.  Because I work partially from home, along with doing some studying and writing, my spirit has been dying a slow and painful death the past 18 months in this so-called Home Office.  Inspiration was at an all-time low, and I daily DREADED trudging up the stairs to the loft where my office is located.  I was in MISERY every moment I had to spend…HERE:


A month ago, the clock struck midnight and I found myself tearing the Home Office a part.  I was ready for a change and in true ME-Spirit, that involved NO planning…just chaotic destruction.  And so by the light of the moon, I found myself standing in THIS:

When it comes to re-decorating, I love DIY projects and trying to come up with NEW uses for OLD things.  Which led me to the aisles of Home Depot after work one night.  In my black blouse and pearls, I wandered up and down the aisles in search of The Perfect Power Tool.  I still have no idea how I had made it 31 years without owning my own Cordless Drill, but there I was…wide-eyed in Home Depot.

Within moments, 2 handymen had approached me offering their guidance and assistance.  When I told them that I was looking for my first Cordless Drill, they smiled and led me to the so-called “Perfect Fit.”  It was pink and teal, the size of a butter knife, and operated on AA batteries.  I knew I shouldn’t have worn the pearls…  Explaining to them that I wanted something with a little more “PowerTool” and a little less “CarpenterBarbie,” we finally found the drill for me.  Arriving home, I didn’t even have the patience to change out of my work clothes before the first DIY Project Began…Putting wheels onto the back of a bookshelf, creating a roll-out drawer:  

Excited about my innovative creation, I was now in need of a place to store it.  I spent the next 72.36 hours scouring Craigslist in search of the perfect piece that would be both Stylish and Practical.  Attractive and Useful.  Savvy and Smart.  Charismatic yet Comfortable.  Yes, I think I’m still talking about furniture…but all of that applies to men as well.  After looking at benches, desks, wall units, cabinets, filing systems, shelving, and Best of Craigslist Ads, I stumbled upon a barely-used Pottery Barn Daybed for $180…um, which retails on the website for $1,450.00!!!!!  With a new piece of artwork, a piece of plank wood set on some metal brackets for a shelf, and a double-wide cherry filing cabinet from a friend who happened to be remodeling HER home office, I am now practically LIVING in my Home Office 🙂  Yay for steals, deals and DIY projects!

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