TalkFest 2009

The Library. A mesmerizing display of books, reading materials, and interesting people. My favorite part happens to be the company. The person you are with that keeps you from getting any work done at all. My cousin and I had a study session today at the library. Well, a study session without the studying. So just a session…more like TalkFest 2009.

We whispered for over 4 hours about non-sense. Analyzing one another’s personalities according to birth order websites. Giggling like children at the loud snorts and snores coming from the next table over. Contemplating theology, my low IQ, the economy, our lack of jobs, sushi and our new President. There was facebook checking and heated discussions about microwave popcorn. Of course, no Jenni Carlson conversation is ever complete without discussing body waxing.

Speaking of body waxing…I finally feel like a woman again. Fortunately winter clothing had concealed all but the unibrow. If only my Principles of Journalism prof would grade me on aesthetic performance instead of my (lack-of) reading. Bummer dude.

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