Facials: More than skin deep?

Tonight I gave an in-home facial to a bride-to-be. Stress relieving upper body massage, aromatic essential oils, luxurious creams, candles, trickling streams and steamed towels sent her into The Land of Bliss & Glory. During her treatment however, I realized something. I have not recieved a facial since I graduated two years ago!

Wait, I’m a liar. There was that one “facial” from who I will refer to as Helga the Barbarian Esthetician. Can you really call poking, pricking and popping to the screaming sounds of acoustic rock-n-roll under a flourescent light in a cold room really a “facial treatment?” Sorry Helga…

One of the reasons I love facials, is because they are more than skin-deep. I love the opportunity to wash away the stress going on in a woman’s life…even if it’s just for one-hour. I love to pray during facials – for once to think of the person in front of me more than myself. I love the tender, healing gift of physical touch.

But most of all, I love the occasional tears that seep out of closed eyes, knowing that maybe, just maybe, I have touched more than their skin…

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