My 28th Birthday!!!

Today was my 28th birthday! Well, I pretended it was my birthday…on my ACTUAL birthday I will be nannying for 9 hours and in class for 4 hours, so I decided to allow myself the indulgence of having a Psuedo-Birthday – and it was GREAT!

My morning was spent in the salon getting a much-needed-hair-cut. I had been sporting daily ponytails in effort to hide an awful shaggy do. It’s amazing how a simple scalp massage in the shampoo bowl can start a day out right. I then proceeded to Caribou Coffee where I splurged on a MEDIUM drink (I know, big spender!) and a blackberry white chocolate scone. I’m pretty sure my scone had EXTRA white chocolate in it today, but I couldn’t be sure.

With my windows cracked and my Vitamin D deprived body soaking in the sun, I drove to my cousin’s house where she gave me a $100 hair straightener! Well – just to borrow for a few months since mine is broken, but still, Happy Birthday To Me!!! I then went to a middle school basketball game which made ME feel SO GOOD for the sole reason it made my junior high girls feel SO GOOD. Funny how that works, huh?

I left the game beaming, off to wax my friend’s upper lip…we chatted for hours and then I spilled wax all over her neck and sweatshirt (really…are you surprised?) – Luckily she laughed…I was a mascara disaster I was laughing so hard. When she left, I hopped in my car and met my family at an Irish Pub in Maple Grove where I had to-die-for-salmon.

We opened gifts back at my place…winter boots, movies, Caribou, a magazine subscription, not to mention the ENRIQUE IGLESIAS’ GREATEST HITS CD (stop. don’t be jealous) My little sister, Emily has been staying after school for awhile now to MAKE me these glass coasters that are GORGEOUS. It was very special and it was obvious she had put tons of time and thought into them…

Now that I’ve celebrated, there is only one thing I still need to do…TURN 28!!!

(above photo:) My sister, brother and sister-in-law doing sign language – *LISA* – for my sister in Montana…I missed ya Lisa!!! (below photo:) My little sister Em, who made those glass coasters. I love this girl’s smile!

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