My 2009 Valentine

Dear Job,

I know I never appreciated you when we were together. Before our break-up, I constantly grumbled at the ways you made me wake up early. Or how you made me spend more time with you than with my friends.

It’s just that I felt like you were using me, dear Job. Paying me to do the things you wanted me to do is not what I call love. But even so, I was committed to you. I only cheated on you once, when I needed to take a sick day to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Oh Job, how I miss you! My days are long, while my sleepless nights are even longer. I google your name online all the time. “JOB…JOB…JOB”…but my efforts to find you are fruitless. Oh my sweet Job, please don’t choose another! Pick ME! I will never take our relationship for granted again!

Your Beloved Employee in Waiting,

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