The Classic Super Nerd

Exibit A: Short pants hiked abnormally high. Awkwardly large glasses, held together by adhesives. Pens. Lots of pens. Every button hole, buttoned.

A classic case of The Super Nerd.

Often we look back on pictures of our former selves and chuckle, swearing we were “the biggest nerds EVER!” Like 8th grade when silk shirts were “SO IN!” – mine was blue, it was buttoned up to the neck (see exhibit A), complete with button covers on every last one. Button covers. Some of you know all too well what I’m talking about.

Then there was 5th grade when large, and I mean LARGE glasses were “All the rage!” The bigger, the better…which is why mine were the biggest in the 5th grade. And TEAL. But one day those big, teal, plastic frames broke. My parents convinced me that eyesight was more important than style (I now know better.) and dad duct taped those glasses to perfection.

Unfortunately, there is one faux paus that I have never outgrown. Short Jeans. I struggle to find a good fitting pair that even comes close to hitting the floor. My short friends (and I have many) buy jeans in bulk – no fear of their ankles being exposed, their full shoe showing and their white socks screaming, with the word “embarrassment” written all over them.

Fortunately for me, my mother took pity on my posting about my black wardrobe and bought me a splash of colour. And even more fortunately, she didn’t mind that I exchanged a couple things for a loooong pair of jeans – this has been my biggest need since committing to not buying anything new for a year.

Finally, age 28, I am no longer a Super Nerd. (laugh, interupted by a snort, while hiking up my new looooong pants) Wellllll, so I’m a work in progress!

Thanks Mom!

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  • ahhhh Jenny!
    You make me laugh!I have the same problem…either the waist is to large and the jeans are too long, or sometimes they fit just right and are too short…take your pick.

  • And where did you find these looooong jeans? I must know!

    Also, I had a couple kids in 7th grade who nicknamed me “high-water” (for obvious reasons). It was traumatizing. I told on them and almost had them expelled. HA!

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