Deep Thoughts from a MochaLatte Gal

Today I was beaten to a pulp by a 2 and 5 year old. I’m not sure what “pulp” is supposed to mean in this phrase, but I’m going with it. I mean, isn’t pulp that gross stuff in your orange juice at breakfast? I surely didn’t look like that when they were finished with me. Close, but not quite. Anyways, their weapons of choice? A mop and a plastic golf club. It was a simple nannying sword fight gone bad. Well, for me anyways. They are probably still basking in their glory…

I left their house a bloody, pulp-like mess and drove to class. I arrived 15 minutes late, which is pretty much my “on time”. The door was locked and the lights were shut off. Either they are really bad at surprise parties, or I missed something. So here I am at Caribou Coffee.

Upon my arrival, I ordered a latte. Moments later the girl with the apron approached me with her little blonde head tilted to the side…”Um, I accidentally made you a mocha! But don’t worry, it’s on the house!” She smiled and walked away. What baffles me, is that I had already paid for the thing. What part of “on the house” does that make it?

I sat down to enjoy my mocha while writing my paper that had been due tonight at my surprise party – uh, I mean class. Realizing I forgot my textbook, um, somewhere (?) I sighed and picked up my drink, only to spill it’s contents all over my laptop, into keys and onto touchpads.

This might just be my final blog post. You know, if my computer crashes or something. Then again, maybe my computer will just be faster now. Caffeine has that affect on people…er, electronics.

7 comments On Deep Thoughts from a MochaLatte Gal

  • I like these deep thoughts.

  • it’s on the house…BAHAHA! i hope you were at least able to salvage a little of the drink for yourself. i’m not above licking it off the keys.

    hope the computer survives.

  • great story. though i’m not sure that girl “technically” knows what “on the house.” you know what i mean, “technically.” I mean, “technically” were twins.

  • The line about not knowing which part of the house your drink was on made me laugh out loud.

    I LedOL.

  • will you just write a book already.please.
    i’d like to buy one.

  • I’m with Jill. I’d buy your book in a heartbeat.

    I hope you enjoyed the latte that both you and Caribou (apparently) got to pay for šŸ™‚

  • At what point do YOU lose it? You’re always so put together — I would’ve lost it at the surprise party… and again at the wrong drink… and yet again at the spillage. Man, what a day!

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