Dearest Omar the Taxi Man,

Please stop calling me at 11:02pm…and texting me late late at night…and calling me “Hun”. I am not your Hun.

I should never have given you my number. Why do you think I asked you to drop me off at the Caribou 3 blocks from my house? I take full responsibility for you being madly in love with me. I mean, (confident hair flip) there are many, many men trying to woo me (eye flutter) so please keep in mind your competition is great…

Who, you ask? Well, (stuttering) I, um, can’t really name names or anything. But I’m SURE there are many, many men trying to woo me. Why do I think that, you ask? Uh, well, you see, I – well, I can’t really say WHY I think there are many, many men trying to woo me…I’m just SURE it’s true.

Anways, Omar the Taxi Man – my dad said to stop calling or you’ll end up dead. No wait, I think he actually said to me “Do you want me to answer the phone and tell him you’re dead?” But I’m not dead, Omar. I just don’t have feelings for you anymore (or ever).

Love (not Looooove),


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  • Some girls got it, some girls don’t… 😉

    Hopefully it doesn’t come to your dad having to scare him off for him to get the picture though!

  • I loooove (not Love) what Angela said.

    and girl- you got it!


  • i THINK you can block specific phone numbers on a cell phone. i’ve never actually done it, but i’d look into it. actually, i’m going to look into it FOR you right now.

  • ok, this is the best (free) option i found:

    i have a couple of techie friends who might be able to give some insight…i’ll ask around.

  • You are so darn funny! To be in your head for only a few minutes would give me hours of entertainment I think:)

    – I saw your comment on my blog about road trips, I loved them too. Yesterday Jaden was talking to me about our trip to Alabama (I had to remind him that Arizona was our destination this time around) and he said that he really missed Lisa and that we should stop at her house on our way down “cuz we will drive right by her house mom”!! How cute to be 5 and have NO sense of direction at all:) I told him maybe this summer we can take a road trip to see her and that Amanda and Sally could come along, he was totally down with that!!

  • Has he tried to woo you with the kazoo yet? Maybe when he calls after midnight he will try this tactic.

    Block that number, girl!

  • oh dear! Good luck!

  • AH! I can’t believe he called! GOod thing you had him drop you off somewhere else – otherwise he’d have a boom box outside your apartment at midnight!

  • So Jenni I don’t know if you are serious or not? Is he calling you? Should we be concerned? I am a mother you know – I have to know these things!:)

  • WHAT?! You gave him your blog too?????
    (otherwise, how will he EVER read this and know your true feelings Jenni???)

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