Jenni from the Blog: A Theatrical Performance

Curtain Opens.

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and Jenni is walking to a coffee shop, holding a coffee tumbler filled with pictures of great friends and memories. Smiling to herself, she picks up her pace and begins to ponder her beautiful coffee tumbler for much longer than necessary, but she couldn’t help it…

“Wow (smiling), I don’t think I’ve ever recieved a gift as thoughtful as this photo coffee tumber. I mean, it really is the PERFECT gift! I LOVE this tumbler…”

(continues walking and examining tumbler)

“Seriously, the pictures make me feel in a good mood, it holds excellent beverages, and it reminds me to be thankful every time I use it. It is creative, and colorful, and just SO THOUGHTFUL!”

(continues to mentally rave to herself about her love for her tumbler)

“I should really start making these for friends’ birthdays…(stares at the photos longingly)…I miss these friends from Oregon so much. I’m so lucky that I have this TOTALLY AWESOME coffee tumbler to remember them every single day! And I must say, my hair in this one just looks fabulous! (sigh) What a great gift this tumbler was. I love this tumbler with ALL MY HEA…….(tennis shoe hits hole in the pavement)…WHOAAA!!!!!!!!!” (slow motion flailing arms)

Jenni stood in the sunlight, staring down at the pavement, where the photo tumbler lay. It’s contents trickled through broken shards of plastic. (the following was added for dramatical purposes) She fell to her knees with tears sliding down her face. “NOT MY PHOTO COFFEE TUMBLERRRRR!!!!!” she cried out to the heavens. (okay, back to the real story) She had loved that tumbler with all her heart. And she always will. R.I.P.

Curtain Closes



Just another day in the life of Jenni from the Blog.

5 comments On Jenni from the Blog: A Theatrical Performance

  • hummmm… I am sorry about the tumbler, but beings that we now have a few new pictures to mix with the old ones, maybe someone I know has an idea for that “Jenni what would you like for your birthday” birthday present!! Don’t expect it anytime soon, remember it will now be super duper delayed.

  • oh man, I’m so sorry Jenni. That is so sad. But it was a great story. I laughed out loud, or lol, as those cool kids say.

  • Kristialyn Johnson

    Oh, how sad. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • oh no!!! I’m so sorry!! 🙁 BOOOO…

  • gabriel timothy zeigler

    LOL… really.. OUT LOUD!

    I mean, I feel bad about your tumbler, I really do. And if there were a way I could get you another I would in an instant! but really… love it!

    And if its any consolation, the death of your tumbler brightened my rainy day!

    talk soon!

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