How to Prepare for a 39 Degree Bike Ride

Step One: Insert cotton balls into ears.

Step Two: Place Crest White Strip over teeth.

Step 3: Pray that your padded spandex leggings still fit after a long and lazy winter.

Step Four: SCREAM when you catch the reflection of your butt in the bathroom mirror…and NOT ONLY because of the spandex…but because there is a potential dead LEECH on you!?!?

Step Five: Hyperventilate.
Step Six: Remove LEECH from spandex buttocks and try dissecting it with plastic knife, just to make sure it is, indeed a leech.
Step Seven: Go biking…all while pondering the How’s, When’s and Why’s of the mysterious dead leech on biking spandex…?

6 comments On How to Prepare for a 39 Degree Bike Ride

  • 1. You’re so pretty!!!
    2. A dead leech?! Really?

  • Kristialyn Johnson

    I don’t like the idea of Leeches in your pants. blaurauroa.

  • Love the cotton, HATE the leech. But am so glad that you explained the plastic knife next to it. I was thinking, “What was she going to do, dissect it?” read on… “Oh, of course, she DID dissect it!” (girly scream and flapping of hands!)

  • gross!!!!!!! and cute pics 🙂

    and why cotton balls?

    and I wish you could come over and have chai with me.

    ok about the last one, yes I know we live 7 hours apart! boo.

  • People people people…the cotton balls are so that the wind doesn’t hurt my ears! I wore a head band over it too – but with my whopping speeds of 8mph, I needed the added protection.

  • If you lived in Bellingham you would not need cotton balls in your ears. I don’t think leeches live in/on peoples biking shorts in WA either. Just two more reasons…

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