There’s this guy in my life…

Years ago, we’d both be standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I’d be putting on my make-up, he would be shaving. After a moment of looking at the reflection, he would say with fondness in his voice, “You look so good today.” I would blush, and say, “Awww, gosh, thanks!” To which he would then look at me with surprise and say, “You didn’t think I was talking to you, did you?”

Oh dad. Always there, ready to “boost” his high school daughter’s self-esteem! πŸ™‚ I can’t complain though, because I know someday I’ll probably pull that one on my kids too. This man is who I call when I get a flat tire, need help with my taxes, see a bed in a magazine that I want built for me, need advice on jobs, or need to hear someone say “there is NOTHING that you cannot do Jenni.” His glass is always half full and his pockets are always full of $20 bills that he quietly slips into mine…still to this day.

Last weekend we had a great time at the Father Daughter Banquet at the church I grew up at. The food was great, the live music was great, but the company was even better! Thanks Dad! (we missed you Lisa!)

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