Can of Worms

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to become the person that you want to be. Yeah, read it again…Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, to become the person that you want to be.

Several years ago I began to speak those words to myself, a pep talk of sorts. Some days it was as simple as getting up when my alarm went off (ugh.) Definately NOT what I wanted to do, but it led to a day where I accomplished more, felt prepared and not rushed, and started out the day 2 steps ahead, instead of 4 behind…

Other days seem a little more complicated. It’s easy-(er) when the complications come from the first half of the statement – “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do” – Complications such as I don’t want to or I don’t feel like it. I can deal with those. The bigger complication comes with the second half of the statement – “to become the person that you want to be.”

Now we’ve got a problem on our hands. It’s what I call a “Can of Worms.” WHO do I want to be? WHAT do I want to be? HOW do I want to be? WHERE do I want to be? WHEN do I take action? HOW LONG should I wait? IS THIS what the Lord wants? WHAT does the Lord want? Should I be doing MORE? Should I be doing LESS? Am I DISTRACTED from what’s important by things that are UNIMPORTANT? What IS important in my life?

Whoa. Brain Freeze. I think something just short-circuited…I’m seeing stars and fireworks. Alright I’m back. Where was I? Ah yes, “to become the person that you want to be.” I don’t mean to complicate that question, because often it is much simplier than we think…HOWEVER…

Thi weekend I took several van loads of college kids to Chicago for a Young Life staff conference. I loved it, because I used to BE THEM. Eight years ago I was the college kid in that van, going to the conference. I had the chance to chat with many of them about their dreams, their life visions, their career goals and their ministry hopes. Each of them were so passionate, so driven and COULD STAY UP SO LATE!!! (what has happened to me???)

It really took me back to a day where I was bursting with vision and passion to help the world be a better place. It seems age, stress, worries, laziness, the Unimportant, and my to-do list has taken much of that vision and passion from me. Today I’m taking a walk down Memory Lane. The one that reminds me of a girl whose heart was much bigger, whose zeal was much greater, and whose dreams had no end…

Maybe I’ll ask Young Jenni her advice. Her advice on where Old-(er) Jenni is at, and the person she should desire to be.

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  • hello!!! You have to read my blog today…as, its all about you! =)

  • Kristialyn Johnson

    Yesterday I went for my normal walk. I’ve been doing brisk walks everyday rather than running. But, yesterday I wanted to run. I ran a section that used to give me trouble. I ran it fast…so fast I sailed past the point I usually stop, gasping for breath. It felt like I could run forever, like when I was a kid. It was then I thought that I’ve been living my life all wrong. As a kid I spent time doing things and was in shape by default. As an adult I have spent time watching TV, sitting at my office desk and barely doing anything in my down time. I too want to change and be more like young Kristialyn. What would she do? 🙂

  • That's Witte with an "e"

    Hi Jenni! I found your blog through Jill… 🙂 I like your thoughts on this dilemma! Lately I’ve been trying to see what it’s like to merge Young Bri with Old(er) Bri. Sometimes it’s created Confused/Frustrated Bri, but I’ve also been getting glimpses of the Bri that the Father wants me to be, encourages me to be, and knows that I can be.

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