Then there was ME.

“A face without freckles is like a sky without the stars.” ~ Natasha Bedingfield

My family all have freckles. Mom and Brian, the red heads, have plenty to share. Emily and Lisa have them sprinkled across their noses. Dad now has age spots that can easily be mistaken for freckles. (love you dad!)

Then there is ME.

I got nothin’. For years I have agonized over this. Well, there is the freckle on my toe. And one on my pinky. I’ve got some on my arms, but they don’t really count. My nose just has never seemed complete without a few freckles. Tear. Sniffle sniffle. WOE TO MEEEEE! But alas, this story does not end here!

Several months ago I went on Accutane to clear up my adolescent-oil-producing-skin (as a Licensed Esthetician – confidant hair flip – I call them my overactive “sebaceous glands”). The better my skin gets, the less make-up I have to sport around town. Several weeks ago I was out to coffee with a friend. She looked at me with surprise and said, “When did you get freckles?!” I gasped in shock. Freckles? ME?! I thought I noticed some in the mirror, but had told myself it was only a mirage.

Days later, my sister was talking to me and said, “Jen, you have freckles!” My dad confirmed it. Then yet another friend said with surprise, “Wow! I never knew you had freckles!” Me either! I exclaimed with an eye flutter.

It’s official. I, Jennifer A. Carlson, now have freckles. (and clear enough skin to SEE THEM!) Please take this moment to go buy yourself a no-expense-paid-Latte in celebration of this monumental event.

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  • Funny! Every summer I seem to grow more and more of them. I’ll never forget the year my freckled cousin said, “You even have a freckle on your lip!” I was so proud…..

    I can totally relate to this desire for freckles. What in the world?!

  • woo hoo!! I love freckles. Joey’s come out to play when he’s tan πŸ™‚

    He claims they’re black heads, lol but you can see those all year round πŸ˜‰

  • Oh funny!!! I’m happy for you?? πŸ™‚

  • Kristialyn Johnson

    Lucky. I want freckles.

  • Hee hee…Olivia has discovered freckles just this week. She thinks they are “owies”. πŸ™‚ SHe has one freckle on her finger and she keeps saying “See my owie?”

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