This May Just Be Goodbye…

A month ago, it sounded like a great idea. The Ironman Bike Race. Around 5,000 competitors (and people like me, who bring up the rear) coming together from all over for the first bike race of the season.

It’s a rain or shine event.

Like I said, when I signed up a month ago on a sunny afternoon, it seemed like a good idea. Tomorrow is the Big Day. Let me paint a picture for you of what is to come…

Time: 6 o’ clock. A.M.!!!!!
Temperature: 32 degrees when we start…but it warms up to a balmy 39-ish by the end of my ride.
Wind: 20 MPH resistance
Length: 30 miles (my aunt is doing 100. bah-ha-haaaa…I mean, good luck Kimmer!)
Wheels: I own a MOUNTAIN BIKE. Several times HEAVIER than a road bike, smaller wheels, fatter tires, and more upright which is AWESOME for wind resistance…um, NOT!!!

If I don’t make it, you can all divide up my beauty products accordingly. Oh, and the $4.29 in my bank account. You can all draw names for my beater car – I just filled it with gas, so we know it has at least a $20 value.

4 comments On This May Just Be Goodbye…

  • good luck.. tape up the cankle and ride ride ride

  • LOL!!! You make me laugh, without fail.

    GOOD LUCK! You’ll do great, and have a lot of time to do some thinking and chatting. šŸ™‚

  • I am certain that mountain bike tires DO offer protection from lightening.

    I think my dad got struck by lightening while on a bike as a young child. I know…that explains a lot, doesn’t it? But he survived!

  • Well, bummer, you didn’t end up with the flu, so now you HAVE to do the race!! Just for being such a good friend to our little sick one, you deserve to at least survive the event! I’ll be thinking about you!! love ya!

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