What is that called again?

You know, when your whole day feels better because you got to see that person. What is it called again, when just a phone chat makes you smile? What do you call it again when you can both laugh and cry just at the memories you’ve shared? Or when praying for someone becomes like breathing in and out…you just can’t help it. What is that called again?

Oh yeah. Love.

Meet Amber, Blair, Emily and Ashley. I met them when they were 12 years old. They are now 21. It started out as just a “hello” in the lunch room when I was a Young Life leader. From there, we’ve shared more memories than there are stars in the sky. Well, maybe not THAT many memories. But definately as many memories as the freckles on my face. Well, actually more than that, because I don’t really have that many freckles. We’ll just leave it as “a lot” and move on…
Gone are the days of sitting in a circle, Bibles cracked, discussing high school matters. We still chat over coffee or on the phone (or beloved Facebook) But one thing has not changed – I LOVE these girls. I love their laughs, their adventures, their dreams, thoughts on life, their desire to know Christ deeper, and even the difficulties they are facing – because each challenge seems to bring about a new revelation for each of them.
I know it’s not Shaturday, but I’m giving a “Shout Out” anyways…a Shout Out to these women whose faces fill my photo albums, whose journey’s make me “believe”, and whose names are tattooed in a heart on my bicep. (just kidding…you believed me, didn’t you Blair?) 🙂

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