STRIPPING: Miracle Bra

Nothing says “stripper” like a Miracle Bra! Beginning my stripping career 275 days ago (not that I’m counting or anything), I soon realized there were certain essential items that I really should have stocked up on before committing to buying nothing new for a year. I hate to post about my undergarments on the world wide web, but alas (sigh), I see no other way. Well, except I guess I could just post about my outergarments, but where’s the fun in that?


Within just a couple months, I was very aware that I needed a new bra. I have improvised many times this year, patching my clothes with needles/thread, duct tape, and iron-on patches…yet I had a feeling these options would not suffice with this particular article of clothing. HOWEVER…call me an undergarment-snob if you wish, I was throwing an internal tantrum just thinking about buying a used one at a thrift store. (eyes welling up with fake tears)

I explained to the Lord that as a willing servant, I would do ANYTHING he required of me. EXCEPT BUY A USED BRA FROM THE THRIFT STORE!!! Really, ask me to do ANYTHING Lord…just.not.that. Days later I was at the thrift store, when suddenly I found myself face to face with an entire rack of dirty old bras. Grumbling, cursing, and pouting, I pulled out a pair of latex gloves from my purse and pulled them on with a snap. (okay, I didn’t really have latex gloves, but that would have been AWESOME)

Then, it was as if heaven itself opened up and shone light on one gigantic granny bra that had it’s tags still on it. Could it be? A “used” yet “new” bra, just for me…and in the size I needed?! I never really pictured myself feeling such happiness when purchasing a granny bra. Yet, that day in the check-out line, I couldn’t hide my smile. This journey as a “stripper” reminds me day-in and day-out that the Lord is totally capable of fulfilling my needs, no matter how big or how small. And that, dear friends, is the story about my Miracle Bra!

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  • loving loving loving this story- even though I had already heard it in person-it’s great to see it in the written word.
    so I can read and reread it.

  • That's Witte with an "e"

    Wow! I like your thoughts on stripping. Giving me a lot to think about! And I feel the same way about Target and REI. I heart them… and it’s hard to resist.

  • Love it!!!!!!!! The Lord really does provide in crazy ways, huh?

  • WOW! That is crazy! I’m glad it worked out for you…especially since you don’t have those latex gloves to sanitize. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Derek and Kristin Dearth

    I really loved the correlation between “gigantic granny bra” and “just in the size I needed” part! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also love that God keeps providing for you, and in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily think (or like) – but He DOES provide!

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