STRIPPING: I’m a Product Whore-(der)

Whoops-a-daisy…did I write Product “Whore-(der)? I meant, of course Product Hoarder. Simple spelling error. Where was I? Ah yes – products.

Now don’t get me wrong people, there are some things that I buy new. These are what I call “The Truly Unavoidables.” In this category is food, cleaning products, and of course, personal hygiene products – which is the topic of this post. Toothbrushes, body lotions, shampoo, contact saline, dental floss, etc…these are necessary parts of life. However, throughout these past 9 months as a stripper, I have realized that even “necessary parts of life” can go from necessity to excessity. (don’t bother with your Webster – YES, I made up the word “excessity”)

I have been convicted that I buy more “necessary” items than I actually need. For example, I have found 4 rolls of dental floss around my house…along with 8 bottles of body lotion, and 10 eyeliners. Last year before “stripping” I got my hair cut at my fancy-pants salon and bought my favorite hair product…only to get home and find a forgotten bottle of the same one in my bathroom.

I am continually amazed to strip away one layer of my selfish being, only to discover another layer beneath it. Each layer I learn something new and valuable. Even though my (non-existant) rulebook says that a new bottle of lotion is fair game in the aisles at Target, I have been working hard to use up what I’ve got. To squeeze out those half-used travel toothpastes, to add a bit of water to those shampoo and facewash bottles, and to STOP BUYING DENTAL FLOSS!!!

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  • This is an area that I was shocked to learn what a snob I was, too! I can’t say I hoarded items, but I was picky about a LOT of items and am still convinced that my skin needs like three different daily facial lotions since I’m now in my 30’s and obviously aging fast and furious. God is still working on me, but I’m trying to let things go. Thanks, as always, for sharing your victories and your struggles. They encourage me and convict me.

  • You are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean about dental floss, LOL!

    I’m going to be having a garage sale soon to strip away some things we have had for YEARS that are boxes that have not been opened since we moved in to our first house when we got married! It’s outta here! And on it’s way to be people recycled!!!

  • I have a closet full of lotions, etc. Gross. What do I do with all of them? By the way, love your design on a dime! I want to redo our bedroom this summer…I’ll have to find your expertise!

  • I have forbidden myself to buy any body lotion until I use all of mine up! I am so delighted each time I finish off a bottle and throw it into the recycling. Is that weird?! I am down to the ones that aren’t really my favorites, but that’s ok. It will be great to just have one or two instead of a basket FULL of them!! 🙂 love ya!

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