Suffering and Sorrows

I’m feeling a little down. Depressed perhaps. Things have spiraled downhill for me…and fast. This morning I took my clunky old white station wagon to the shop. You see, I had gotten pulled over last week for my muffler being too loud – and was then ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt. (I had JUST pulled out of the parking lot onto the street buddy! Cut me some slack here!) That’s not the depressing part. It gets worse…MUCH worse.

Like I said, I took my car in to get the exhaust fixed. They tinkered. They tankered. And soon, I had a shiny new pipe under my car. My QUIET car. I know, sounds great, right? Well it’s not. It’s not great at all.

You see, as I drove down the street, passing people biking, jogging, strolling, skipping, and putzing, I realized…no one was turning a glance my way. No longer did I make heads turn. I used to feel FAMOUS as I would drive down the street, making young and old look my way. I was the girl who was used to all the attention…and now, well…now I’m just a regular old person. Sigh.

Not only did my car cost me $327, but it also cost me my fame. Today, I mourn these losses.

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  • don't worry Jenni. take heart- your windshield wipers still don't work. remember you blew the motor? there still is a lot more things that need some 'attention' on your wagon.don't worry. don't let one little old fixed muffler get you down.
    maybe you'll blow a tire traveling down I-35.. will that make you feel better?
    thinking of you during these 'down days'

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