Summer in the City

“I can’t believe it’s already July!”
“Wow, is summer really more than half over?”
“Time is really flying!”

Ahem, but may I bring it to everyone’s attention that SUMMER FLIES EVERY YEAR!!!! This is no new thing people. I find myself going through these same emotions every year as well…and every year I say I will try new summer adventures. The problem is, I usually forget about this goal until summer is nearly over – until this year!

About a month ago I made a last-minute summer goal: to dine on 1 new patio every week. I would like to pass on my reviews, with hopes to recieve some of YOUR favorite little places to eat outside in the summer!

1. Barley John’s Brew Pub – I’m a cheater because I’ve been here before, but I love it! At night the twinkle lights set the mood as you’re tucked away behind vines surrounding the tables. The food and service have been really good, prices are fair, and there is often some nice acoustic guitar in the background.

2. Salut on Grand Ave – Loved the atmosphere and loved the “Le Fromage” appetizer (artisan cheese with dried fruit-walnut chutney and flatbread). Did not love the prices (ouch! We even shared!) our salmon was undercooked, and our portions were small (granted, we did split!). We ended on a good note by walking across the street to Cafe Latte for cheesecake though!

3. My apartment’s poolside patio – Grilled chicken and corn on the cob, watermelon, lemonade, deck chairs and good friends made this potluck a great reminder that outdoor meal can still be relaxing and cost-effective!

4. Stella’s Fish Cafe – This rooftop patio had the sweetest Minneapolis skyline view. I took my little sister, Em, there and we also shared a salmon. The food was AWESOME, and with an extra side item, we both got plenty! It was fun to get such a great view (4 stories high!). The wait was a little long, but duh, it was Friday night in Uptown – expect no less!

5. Arezzo Ristorante – This small Italian place off of France in Edina was perfect! Three of us ordered a pizza and appetizer, so that helped with our small budgets! Otherwise it may have been a bit spendy, but I’d say worth it. They are known for their stone fired pizzas. They had beautiful italian music playing overhead, and it was quiet, not super fancy, and in a cute little neighborhood. If you like italian food, try Arezzo’s!

Alright, now where are YOUR favorite spots???

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  • Brit's Pub on Nicollet Ave. They have lawn bowling! Good prices, good food, good atmosphere!

  • I love Salut, and Punch Pizza on Grand…yum! There's also a patio on the chipotle near my house…I could gorge on that all night!

  • La Grolla on Shelby in St. Paul, near the Cathedral. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G italian food & a fantastic outdoor patio. Oooh, now I'm hungry!

  • Hi Jenni!
    I love your reviews – makes me want to try them!

    I really don't have any place to offer, how sad is that! It sounds like Curt and I need to get more often.

    By the way, I miss you:)

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