I think I’m in love…

Have you ever experienced a time when the love of your life consumes your thoughts day and night…where you spend 99.99999% of your time with them, and would spend 100% of your time with them if you didn’t have a bladder?

Sigh. Love. I think I’ve found it at last…and who would have thought it would come on a shiny round disk? Adobe Creative Suites 4. Photoshop. InDesign. The works.

I find these programs that I had to purchase for summer design classes consuming my mind, body and soul. The way I can manipulate images so that I’m side-by-side with the president, climbing Mt Everest, or rescuing small children from a sea monster is just brilliant. Like a powerful addiction, brochure and newsletter designs fill my dreams by night and my thought life by day.

Sigh. Love. I think I’ve found it at last…Mrs. Adobe Creative Suites 4 – I think it has a ring to it, don’t you?

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