You know you’re not ready for parenthood when…

You get McDonalds for the boys you nanny for and when they ask if they can have some on the way home, you say through a mouthful of chicken sandwich, “Sorry – no eating in the car!”

…the 5-year old says, “Jenni, Sam needs help buckling his car seat” and you say, “Can’t he just do it himself?”

…you look in the rearview mirror and both boys are holding a finger up with a booger on the top and you start screaming and drive off the road.

…you use 23 wipes to change one diaper.

…your eyes are closed while the 5-year old is talking, and he says, “HEY! You are SLEEPING while I’m talking!!!” and even though, yes, you are CLEARLY sleeping while he is talking, you defensively retort, “NA-AH!”

And for good measure…you know you need a new car when…you are driving down the road, minding your own business and the rearview mirror just FALLS OFF!!!!!

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  • Funny!

    But about the mirror….that doesn't mean you need a new car, it just means you need Gorilla Glue! (Trust me…..rearview mirror falling off daily did not convince my dad to get rid of the Oldsmobile Delta AKA the Green Machine while in high school….it just convinced him to buy better glue!).

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