The Best of Simon & Garglefunkle

I was a little nervous to do program at Castaway’s Family Camp {a premiere Young Life property in northwest MN}…for over 10 years I have watched bazillions of people entertain as program characters at Young Life camps and believe me – I had a lot to live up to.

Luckily my partner in crime, Ryan, had done program hundreds, if not 10, times which helped put me at a little more ease! It was a 4-day camp and we definately were writing our scripts as the weekend went on…but people seemed to laugh, and I even had 2 mom’s ask me if he and I traveled around doing this. So either people were great liars and tried to make us feel good…or something we pulled together actually was entertaining. 🙂

Our “meal-time” characters (top left photo) were Tommy Forgetski and Tina Cantrememberson, 2 soccer players who had memory issues. We were both looking for our “long lost best friend” and it was made obvious from the beginning that we were the person the other was looking for. We threw in a {slightly} choreographed song from High School Musical, which, let’s be honest, what kid {or 28-year-old single girl who lives in MN} doesn’t like HSM?!?!

Our “club” characters {bottom right photo} were the Simon and Garglefunkle School of Music {Jenni=Mrs. Simon, Ryan=Mr. Garglefunkle}. Really I just flirted and hit-on all the dads throughout the whole thing…but we also had downloaded the background music for Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius commercials (HI-LARIOUS!!!) and we wrote new lyrics called “Real Parents of Genius” which people also seemed to get a kick out of!

The prime entertainer of the weekend however, was Emily {Ryan and Margot’s little girl – top right photo} who has better facial expressions than anyone I’ve ever met in my life! Being at Castaway with great people such these is always a reminder to me what a gift both laughter and community are in our lives…

…and now if I could only get caught up on SLEEP!!!

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