Funniest Numbers in my Cellphone

Gone are the days of phone books and address books…we are now living in an era where “The Cell” is all we really need. In fact, I have recently been surprised by the odd listings in my own personal cell. Let me share some of my amusing finds…

1. St. Paul Animal Control (I don’t live in St. Paul and I own NO ANIMALS!)
2. The Letter “A” – I have no idea who my dear friend “A” could be…?
3. Hinkley Casino – The last time I was there was in 1999
4. Northwest Airlines problem hotline – Sad that I miss so many flights and get stopped by airport security SO OFTEN that I would need a HOTLINE on speed dial!!!
5. Omar the Taxi Man – If you missed the blog post on that one, Omar the Taxi Man is a barely english speaking man that asked for my digits after a taxi ride, and I felt bad saying no…he STILL CALLS (and I STILL don’t answer!!!)
6. Identity Theft – Is it bad that I have had my identity stolen enough times to constitute a PHONE NUMBER for this issue?! Don’t answer that…

Am I the only one, or does anyone else have some pretty whack phone numbers?

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  • That's Witte with an "e"

    Copper Mountain Ski Patrol, El Rancho Meats, Mimi's Rancho, and Tony Soprano! Can't live without those numbers!

  • None as awesome as yours! But I do have jobs that I haven't worked for in years (Teachers On Call), random friends of Tim's, and people from high school I haven't spoken to in seven years. The numbers are all probably bad. 🙂

  • I'm your friend with the "a" 🙂

  • Hi Jenny! Miss you!

    As Ben's overly-attentive assistant, I have:

    Ben's Brother
    Ben's Chiropractor
    Ben's Dentist
    Ben's Doctor
    Ben's Favorite Restaurant
    Ben's Parents
    Ben's Pharmacy
    Ben's Travel Agent

    oh, and a few of my own needed phone numbers too…

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