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Every year my friend Ann Marie and I go camping. After many years of disasterous adventures, let’s just say, we would be disappointed if things went well. More memories, right?

In lui of our good laughs, I will be entertaining all 3.683 of you who read this blog with a sweet new blogging mini-series called Camp Tahellenback. I’m not sure if that’s a very appropriate title or not, yet, I’ve never been one to be appropritate…so I figure, why start now?

For tonight however, I will just give a short briefing of our recent camping excursion. Planning on leaving at 6:30pm to get up to Duluth, we left ALMOST on time {cough, 8:30pm – after dark}. Before we left, Ann Marie’s husband was giving us the play-by-play from of our forecast. “Let’s see here, 9pm there’s an 80% chance of rain, 10pm there’s only a 10% chance of rain, 11pm there is a 90% chance of thunderstorms…well, have fun girls!” Snuggling back into the sofa with the laptop and tv on, he seemed a bit smirky, but as usual, our motto remained Rain-Shmain…

We barely made it by 10pm where Ranger Joe conveniently turned all the lights out in his registration office just as we pounded on the door…in the dark…in the rain…Somehow my flirtateous eye flutter was seen in the headlights of his car as he jumped in, and we were allowed into the park.

Pitching the tent wasn’t so bad as the rain lightened up a bit. Unfortunately the stakes and the rain fly weren’t cooperating, but we were too tired to keep working on it, so we hit the hay and hoped for the best. I had to get up for an emergency bathroom break in the wee hours of the morning – Ann Marie said she would go when I was done. So I found an open spot, not realizing it was the ROAD {good thing it was just #1!} and took care of business. I heard Ann Marie’s voice in the trees, which really scared me, because I KNEW she was in the tent. I was pretty sure it was either a Ghost or a Killer and so I screamed and shined the flashlight on the intruder…which was really just my dear friend “using the restroom” with my blaring spotlight on her.

After some good laughs {by me – he he he} – we fell in and out of sleep till morning, in which I found myself in – NO JOKE – a LAKE of standing water TWO INCHES DEEP. It was pouring rain, which kind of cancelled our hiking plans…

Thanks to Miller Hill Mall, the movie Julie & Julia, Starbucks, and Grandma’s restaurant, our “camping trip” was a big {and expensive!} hit!!! More historic adventures to come…

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