It PAYS to read!!! {pun intended!}

I have had a stack of books on my desk for quite awhile now. There are several that are half read, a couple that have yet to be cracked open, and then there is one lone book that I have read several times but recently put in my “To Read” stack once again, as it has been awhile.

The book is called “Becoming a Woman of Influence” by Carol Kent. The title and author have no relation to my story, other than I recommend it. As I dusted it off and then set it back down on my desk, I clumsily (surprised?) dropped it and a letter fell out. It was from the bowling alley from almost a decade ago. Glancing at it, I laughed as it struck me funny that the letter I had apparently been using as my bookmark was an old letter saying that my check written to the bowling alley had bounced and that I owed them $5.00…{oops}.

That debt was paid long ago, so I figured it was about time to chuck the letter, when I noticed the corner of ANOTHER little piece of paper sticking out from the folded letter. Pulling it out, my jaw dropped to the ground. IT WAS A PERFECTLY CRISP $100.00 BILL!!!!!! I seriously have pennies to my name – the only time my hands are touching a $100 bill is when someone pays cash at the store!

No explanation. And no, it’s not even counterfeit!!! {I checked!} I have no recollection of $100 gone missing years and years ago. Did someone plant it there? Did I cash a check and accidentally slip the money in that book? All I DO know is…seriously people, it PAYS to read!!!!!

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