Sword Fights by Day…Snuggling by Night

As a poor college student {I say that as if I were NOT poor before I went back to school…yah, right} – a girl’s gotta make ends meet any way she can.  No, this is not a lead-in to another Stripping adventure…yet.  Besides working at the store, I also work 2 PT nanny jobs:  boys by day…a girl by night.  Night and Day fit the description of these jobs in more than one way.  I am struck by laughter DAILY at how different boys and girls are.  If you are a parent, you know this.  Who am I kidding?  If you are a human being, you know this…

Just this past week, I was trying to rally the boys for some organized play time.  Little did I know how fast the Testoterone Levels were about to rise.  Jen {in a sweet, loving voice}: Boys, let’s go upstairs to the playroom for some games! 5-Year-Old: C’mon Sam!  Let’s go run around naked and gross Jen out!!!! -That is a direct quote, by the way.

Within seconds, circles were being run around me by a buck-naked 5 and 2 year old.  It was the first time in weeks that they were actually NOT fighting with each other, so in effort to keep the peace, I allowed the nudity to continue.  Suddenly, they are both sitting on the futon in the playroom and I looked at them in disgust and said, Remind me to NEVER touch that futon again! The 5YO replied with a dumbstruck, Why? As if on command, the 2-Year-Old proceeded to rip a HUGE, LONG fart.  Uh, yeah.  That pretty much just answered that one.

One more direct quote from the 5YO that I tried my best to not bust out laughing at:  I am working on homework as they are playing {still naked}. Suddenly it’s quiet and I glance up. They are both reclining on the futon, cross legged, and the 5YO is looking at me with all seriousness and says, Cute, aren’t we?


With all that said, I then go to my Night Job – nannying for a little girl.  I arrive to a frilly, silk pajama wearing girl with brown curls who runs up to me, squealing and hugging me.  She was allowed to watch Princess Aurora that night, and as we snuggled on the couch together, she sighed at the end of the movie and said, “This is the part where they fall in love.”  I put her to bed in pink sheets, under 2 pink fuzzy blankies, put a Hello Kitty band-aid on her owie and kiss it, read her stories about “Fancy Nancy” and allow her to apply not one, but 6 coats of glittery lipgloss to my lips.

Sword fighting by day…Snuggling by night.  These are just 2 reasons why my job{s} make me smile!

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